The Podcast Movement team is hosting a virtual community meetup

We believe it's important now more than ever to bring communities together.

Join us

Thursday, June 4th from 8PM - 10PM EST  

 We plan to have an open forum with virtual "rooms" for general discussion as well as the option to split into small groups to discuss niche podcast-related topics. 
We hope that you are staying safe and well and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Follow the RSVP link below to register


Additional Information


How can I attend the event?

Register for this event using the RSVP button below, and we will email you a link to log in to the portal to attend the virtual meetup.

What will this event entail?

We are providing an interactive video discussion platform that will allow attendees to meander and mingle with one another either via open general discussion "rooms" or to select discussion "rooms" based on more focused topics. It's the closest thing that we've been able to find to being in the same room together and being able to rotate and chat/network with different folks freely.


What is the platform? Do I have to download something?

No downloads required, use your browser to connect. Join via the provided event link at the event start time, and you'll be able to hop in and out of different rooms to socialize with different small groups. The interactive video platform we've chosen is Rally; it's easy to use.

Are there specific system requirements?

Yes; Please be sure to join from a laptop or desktop using either Chrome or Firefox browsers. We DO NOT recommend joining from a mobile device as the platform works on a desktop/laptop experience. Please DO NOT use Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Have any tips for how I can look and sound my best on the event day?

Yes; In addition to testing your webcam and microphone in advance, check out this great advice on how to look your best for a video call, it makes a big difference!